Secure AWS the DevOps Way.

Evident Security Platform helps savvy cloud teams ensure industry-leading security practices are being enforced everywhere, every time.

Check out the Dashboard.

Our comprehensive risk assessment dashboard shows you all current threats by location and severity so you can choose which issues to remediate quickly.

Evident Security Platform AWS Advanced Technology Partner


The Evident Security Platform identifies over 100 different security risks and vulnerabilities throughout your entire AWS infrastructure. ESP can be activated in just 5 minutes and without any costly agents.


ESP summarizes security risks on the Risk Assessment Dashboard. Our detailed reports direct you to the most severe problems first so you know about vulnerabilities in minutes, rather than discovering a breach months later.


Simply select a security vulnerability to get expert advice on remediation. ESP provides clear, concise overviews of AWS security issues and provides comprehensive instructions on how to resolve each problem.


Evident retains complete security audits of your entire cloud infrastructure after each global sweep. These may come in handy for use in compliance reporting and forensic investigations.

We’re so confident in the Evident Security Platform, we invite you to try it absolutely free for 14 days.

No More Mystery

Our Security Dashboard gives you the ability to view overall statistics, rank them by hierarchical RBAC or AWS account, and drill the data into reports.

Security Teams Can Enforce Policies

Your security personnel get the consistent, enforced security policies that they need to protect the business, thanks to the power of continuous security.

No More Waiting

Performing an hourly global analysis, ESP identifies changes that may impact the security of the AWS infrastructure, and alerts you in near real-time.

Product Teams Can Deliver Faster

The fear of risks and vulnerabilities no longer slow down your product teams, allowing applications to be delivered to the cloud faster than ever.

No More Agents

The Evident Security Platform is totally agentless, making it streamlined for faster threat identification and remediation.

Businesses Can Shift Workloads

Evident Security Platform gives businesses the flexibility to freely move key applications and workloads to AWS knowing that they are fully protected.

Evident’s security platform gives us the birds-eye view of our AWS infrastructure that makes us certain we are delivering a secure and solid service for our customers.

Dave Smith, Orchestrate

Evident is our AWS configuration proofreader. It took less than 10 minutes to get up and running and the service requires no maintenance after that — highly appreciated by a small team like us.

Simon Pantzare, Cofounder and Technical Lead, Narrative Team Infrastructure provides InfoSec News the tools needed to secure our Amazon infrastructure so we can report news, and not become news.

William Knowles, Senior Editor and Moderator, InfoSec News

The Evident Security Platform can turn you into a hero, leaping over tall threats in a single bound!