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The Evident Security Platform deployed seamlessly in minutes, providing us critical insights into our AWS security risks and vulnerabilities in near real-time. The expert remediation guidance helped us quickly isolate and close potential attack vectors before they could be abused by hackers." Rick Collette – Magnet Systems, Principal Systems Engineer
Evident’s security platform gives us the birds-eye view of our AWS infrastructure that makes us certain we are delivering a secure and solid service for our customers. Dave Smith of Orchestrate
The nature of the data our users generate makes security really important to get right. Evident is our AWS configuration proofreader. It took less than 10 minutes to get up and running and the service requires no maintenance after that--highly appreciated by a small team like us. Simon Pantzare - Cofounder and Technical Lead, Narrative Team Infrastructure provides InfoSec News the tools needed to secure our Amazon infrastructure so we can report news, and not become news. William Knowles, Senior Editor & Moderator, InfoSec News